An H+K Story


A story you wanted

A story you’ll get

A story of stories

You’ll never forget


The story I’m telling

The story you’ll read

Will need but two letters

Just two will it need


The first of these letters

You’ll find at the start

An H, like in happy,

Hilarious, heart


The other’s a K

(That one with a kick)

It begins my last name

Which should earn me a tick


These people love stories

They love them a lot

But who still likes stories!?

Have they lost the plot?


Aren’t stories now dead?

Aren’t they lost in the weeds

Of the unending dross

On our Twitter feeds?


Let us consider

Let us look back in time

It’s covered in stories

Delivered in rhymes


For example: the Bible

A collection of tales

(Although - to be honest -

Perhaps too many whales?)


Paintings on cave walls

Or at the train station

Are also examples

Of human narration


You can find stories

Wherever you look

Be it up in the sky

Or inside a book


The thing is that humans

Have ALWAYS loved stories

Heroes and villains!

(What else are the Tories?)


But nowadays, well

You have to admit

The world, it is changing

And more than a bit


Now Facebook exists

And Twitter, and more

Must we evolve?

Show stories the door?


H+K Strategies

Have proved that’s not true

With multiple media

There’s more you can do!


Joseph C. Campbell

Laid out the whole plot

A story has stages

Here’s how it starts off:


We begin with a Truth

A Truth Universal

If stories are popcorn

Then this is the kernel


Plus there’s a heroine

The emotional link

She’s there to express

What the audience thinks


(N.B I’m no sexist,

But adding both genders

Will soon make this poem

Practically endless)


She represents feelings

Vanquishing logic

Humanity’s better:

How’s that for symbolic?


Then fate takes a twist

A twist unexpected

Transformation occurs

A truth is reflected


And now you know how

And know you know what

We’re thinking when pitching

“What here is the plot?”


The story of Hill and

The story of Knowlton

Is a story of vision

In Clerkenwell, London


(I know yes I know

It started in Cleveland


A long way from England


The Midwest, Ohio

With steel and with banks

Was where H+K

First rose up the ranks)


From the beginning

And right up to now

They’ve been at the front

And I’ll tell you how 


First there’s the network

An intricate web

It covers all platforms

TV to celebs


Then there are layers

Like onions, or hair

We ask but three questions

We ask How What Where?


Inspiration! The WHAT

An awful lot to it

Creation! What’s next?

HOW shall we do it?


Distribution, to whom

And WHERE should it GO?


Should your message flow?


The last little thing

That’s made us superior

Is our STAFF, oh our staff

Who couldn’t be cheerier


Two hundred and thirty

Bright sparkling minds

A force so creative

It’s one of a kind


Don’t trust me, dear reader?

That’s fair. I’ll admit

Even if I found it strange.

A little. A bit.


Words are only words

Awards are what gauges

And we, well we’ve plenty

(The list is four pages)


Our strategies WORK

It’s simply not hard!

To broadcast your message

You should have a bard


A writer or poet

Just one storyteller

Can polish your message

(Make you a bestseller) 


The reason we’re perfect

Is no secret, it’s true

Lean in real close now

And I shall tell you


It seems that us humans

For all of our glories

Are not really wise men

Just apes telling stories